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RealInternships: Stephanie Salinas

On my last day at Children’s Hospital, I felt so many emotions rushing through me. Something I had not experienced in a while.

IMG_1601-1Joy, pride, privileged and honored for this experience, excited for the future, and afraid of the next steps in my life. I was humbled by the words of my supervisors, confident that I made a positive impression on my peers and supervisors, and bittersweet about closing this chapter of my life.

Hearing the words of my supervisors, “MVP”, excellent leader, reliable and consistent, humble, caring of not only the patients but my peers/coworkers as well … all these words left me stunned and feeling a mix of emotions. I left my internship that day feeling on top of the world and wanting to do more, to be better.

This internship has provided me with many different skills that will be essential as I work with youth throughout my career. I have developed the ability to facilitate group activities, as well as the ability to adapt and react accordingly and quickly to unexpected situations.

I got the chance to work one-on-one with patients who had a hard time being in groups. Even though the individual work only consisted of playing games or doing arts & crafts, this was one of my favorite parts of the internship because I was able to form a stronger connection with the patients.

Although my experience here is over, my experience somewhere else is just beginning – and thanks to my experience at Children’s Hospital I will be more confident, motivated, and passionate elsewhere.


RealInternships: Sam Gervase

We are roughly halfway through the summer and things could not be better. With the guidance of our hosts and the general knowledge of community members in Hana, we have continued to further our understanding of a more sustainable lifestyle. In terms of working the land, we continue to learn more about all the different tasks and hard work that goes into the upkeep of a small farm; we have learned that basil is planted by tomatoes to keep the bugs away, marigolds help attract bees to pollinate the seedlings, and how the bulb of a Cuban banana stalk must remain intact in order to be successfully transplanted to a different location. Every day if full of new experiences of the big and small duties necessary to clear, maintain, and harvest from land that is constantly trying to revert back to its natural state of wild jungle.  sam1While the farm does grow a lot of its own food, our understanding of self-sufficiency has changed. Prior to coming to Hana, we have always understood the term to be associated exclusively with food production. However, the meaning of self-sufficiency encompasses much more. Many people grow bamboo for building materials, catch rainwater to fulfill one hundred percent of their needs, and even choose to live off-grid having only a generator to provide minimal electricity. Perhaps more importantly, functional self-sufficiency is about relying on the local community for what you cannot provide for yourself. The concept of bartering is a vital part of life in Hana; people exchange avocados for papaya, Kula pig for Mahi fish, or Huli Huli chicken for goat’s milk. Rather than relying on one’s local Walmart or big-box store to provide every item imaginable, the community of Hana support the needs of its people.sam2An example was when we tried to spend an afternoon working on the community farm; in exchange for a few hours of work on a Sunday afternoon, a person will be given a share of the day’s harvest. We showed up excited to work and walk away with an assortment of food. However, after a half hour of pulling weeds, we were actually asked to leave! In a very gentle way, the farm manager explained that the farm was meant for the citizens of Hana, and as WWOOFers (local farm volunteers), the resources of the farm were not meant for us; the purpose of the farm is to support and educate the local community. Not only did we understand, but we respected the fact that the facility was trying its best to serve the interests of the local native Hawaiians, not those passing through for a short period of time.sam3In addition to our daily life on the farm, we have made significant progress interviewing and filming for our short film about self-sufficiency, nutritional awareness, and the overall culture of Hana. While there is a lot of editing and revising to be done, we believe we have the content and raw footage to paint an accurate portrayal of the life lessons we have learned during our time in this unique and life-giving place.sam4Lastly, we are extremely excited to start our work in Seattle. On Thursday, we will be leaving for Seattle to work for Stockbox Grocers, an organization that is working to provide low-income areas with affordable, nutritious, and fresh food. With their second store opening next month, our arrival could not be better timed! We have already started working on our task of creating a community space within their store, forming a strategy for greater food awareness, and we will be helping to facilitate a number of different community outreach initiatives. More to come!



RealInternships 2013

Each summer, Boston College provides a limited number of grants to AHANA students and to students participating in internships in social and human services. Stay tuned next week for the first round of blog posts from the this year’s winners:

2013 Summer Non-Profit Internship Grant Winners

Daniela Diaz, A&S, English Major – North Carolina Green Schools Project, Ashville, NC
Daniela will help create a sustainability-focused curriculum that can be integrated with current NC state educational standards on a grade level basis. She will also work directly with the program’s Executive Director on fundraising projects focused on grant writing and event management.

Adam Ellenthal, A&S, Biology Major – Vive Peru, Trujillo, Peru
Adam will be serving as the Peru In-Country Coordinator, supervising approximately 50 volunteers working in diverse fields including Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Music Education, English Education and Social Work. These volunteers provide free services to in-need communities of Peru. Adam will also help expand the health administration program in the area hospitals and schools as well as work firsthand on free medical campaigns as both an administrative and healthcare resource.

Sam Gervase, CSOM, Finance Major – Stockbox Neighborhood Grocers, Seattle, WA
Sam will spend the first seven weeks of the summer with WWOOF (WorldWide Opportunities in Organic Farming) living and working on an organic, sustainable farm in Hawaii. He will learn the daily operations and practices as well as the methods to support self-sufficiency. He will take what he learns on the farm back to Seattle, WA to address the social needs and overall health of the impoverished areas serviced by Stockbox Neighborhood Grocers, an organization that offers affordable, fresh produce, meal solutions, and grocery staples to the community. Sam will develop and execute community outreach programs to both educate and engage the individuals in the low-income areas about Stockbox and the health benefits associated with organic produce.

Brooke Markt, Lynch, Applied Psychology & Human Development Major – Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly, San Francisco, CA
Brooke will work under the supervision of a Volunteer Coordinator and call and visit elders on a weekly basis living in lonely and low-income communities. The purpose is to help establish deep, true friendships with the elderly and help them feel engaged and supported in their community. She will also help create and host weekly events such as breakfasts and dinners that invite the elders throughout the Little Brothers network to come together in community with one another.

Andrea Roman-Gonzalez, A&S, Political Science Major – CASA de Maryland, Hyattsville, MD
Andrea will intern with Casa de Maryland, an organization that offers several programs including education, health, housing, immigration support and legal services for recent and prospective immigrants from any national origin.  She will work with client candidates and refer them to Spanish speaking pro-bono lawyers as well as work with an immigration lawyer and help research cases and completing documentation.

2013 Summer AHANA Stipend Winners

Halcyon Apy: Sophomore, Sociology
This summer she will be interning with The AIDS Policy Project where she’ll be spreading awareness and providing education and support to people impacted by HIV and AIDS. While she works one on one with members of the local community she will also be responsible for press releases and blogs.

Samuel Lee: Junior, Sociology
Samuel be interning with the Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor. He will be analyzing data and reports related to equal pay and issues of Workplace Flexibly, Higher Paying Jobs for Women, and Homeless Women Veterans.

Seo Ri Park: Junior, B.S. in Psychology
Seo will be working under Dr. Karthik Devarajan to conduct research at the Fox Chase Cancer Center. This position will provide Seo with the laboratory exposure and practice of techniques related to epidemiology, biostatics and public health.

Stephanie Salinas: Junior, Human Development
This summer she will be interning at the Children’s Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry Unit working with patients within Therapeutic Recreation, Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation and Task/Social Action.  During this time she will also be co-leading groups and engaging patients through arts.

Jessica Vallejo, Political Science
Jessica will be taking part in the Georgetown University Semester in Washington Program as an Immigration and Advocate Intern with the United Latin American Citizens National Office. She’ll be assisting with projects such as promoting the “I Voted for Immigration Reform” campaign, supporting the organizing of town hall meetings, and providing assistance with communication efforts on the topic of immigration. Jessica will also be a part of the planning of their annual convention and working with the Director of Civil Engagement and Community Mobilization, and the policy team.

The BC Career Center is seeking four graduate students for our Advising Intern Program!

Boston College Career Center
2013-2014 Advising Intern – Four positions

 Position Description
The Career Center Advising Interns will focus on the self assessment/discovery process and career learning of students. The Advising Interns will gain career advising skills by providing career assistance to Boston College students during drop-in hours. Interns will also be involved in workshop presentations and program implementation.

Reports to assigned Career Center Staff


  • Three days of intensive training in late August including an overview of career development, the integration of career development with the Jesuit mission, resume critique training as well as training on resume and interview workshop presentation.
  • One month of observation including the internship observing professional staff and professional staff observing the intern.
  • Ongoing opportunities for professional development as appropriate.

Learning Outcomes

  • The intern will gain an understanding of the career development process.
  • The intern will gain direct experience advising students on career related issues.
  • The intern will gain program design, promotion and presentation skills.

10 to 12 hours per week

August 28, 2013 to December 11, 2013 and January 13, 2014 to May 1, 2014. This is a two semester commitment.

This is an unpaid position, however, up to $250 in professional development funding will be provided as appropriate. There will be opportunities to attend both on and off campus professional development sessions.

To Apply
Submit a cover letter and resume including your program of study for 2013-2014 to Janet Costa Bates at  with ‘Advising Intern Application’ as the subject heading.  Applications will be reviewed on an as needed basis and only those moving forward in the process will be notified.

Email Sig

CCCOB: Government Careers Information Forum

Come meet representative from federal, state, and municipal government organizations including the FBI, State Department, Secret Service, Commonwealth of MA, MA Department of Environmental Protection, MA Division of Banks, MA Executive Office of Health & Human Services, and many more. This event includes round table discussions and networking opportunities. Business attire suggested.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 18, 2013 from 1:00-3:00PM
WHERE: Boston University Career Development, 100 Bay State Road, Sixth Floor Boston, MA 02215
WHO: All BC Students, free admission!

*College Career Centers of Boston (CCCOB) is a collaborative effort by Emmanuel College, Boston College, Boston University, Emerson University, Simmons College, & Suffolk University.

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AHANA Summer Internship Stipend Applications EXTENDED!

Now due this Sunday, April 7 by midnight!  All information, as well as the application, can be found on our website.