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Allied Health Careers Night

Are you interested in a career in the allied health professions? Whether you are just starting to think about the possibilities or are more seriously considering a particular field, come check out Allied Health Career Night.PowerPoint Presentation


Lessons Learned from Parth Desai

In case you missed last fall’s Career Conversation with Path Desai, Research Analyst, Committee on Public Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you can read more about the conversation here:

parth 2

The panel with Mr. Parth Desai was highly informative. When I first heard about it, I was very surprised. Why so? Well, it was just the fact that the panel speaker had taken a career path that was out of the norm. Let me explain;

Like many science majors at BC, Mr. Parth Desai was a Biology Major with a concentration in pre-medical studies. The plan was to attend medical school post-undergrad. This is the very traditional pathway to becoming a physician here in the States. Mr. Desai, on the other hand, opted to take another route. He attended a master’s program in public health after his time here at Boston College. What he received from that program was most unexpected. Rather than just strengthening his foundations in science and making him a better candidate for medical school, the master’s program opened a variety of career pathways and exposed him to experiences that most traditional pre-medical students never have the chance to. These pathways and experiences were not just limited to medicine and the sciences but covered a broad spectrum such as law and politics.  In effect, making Mr. Desai a more well-rounded physician candidate. It just goes to show you that there are always different pathways to a certain goal. This Career Conversation has really opened my eyes to the varied possibilities that a pre-medical student could take before he/she commits to medical school.

-Tony Do, College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2014

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Volunteer & Civic Engagement Fair

Learn about volunteer opportunities and how to be civically
engaged on campus and in the Boston Community!

Thursday, January 24th
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Gasson 100

For more information please visit the VSLC or Civic Engagement websites.

There will also be a trivia game to win prizes and a Civic Literacy Test to be entered into a raffle for a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore!

CE Fair


World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story

Learn and Write about Malaria in Africa, from Africa with the 2010 Global Student Reporter Contest

Tanzanian GirlThis spring, Malaria No More and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, invite graduate students in select countries* to enter the “World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story” contest. Malaria is a highly preventable and treatable disease and we have the tools to fight it—yet nearly one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children. With your words, you can help raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of malaria, and build the coalition to ease the global malaria burden. Together we can stop this killer.  To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, check out the World Briefing: Telling the Malaria Story website.

*The contest is open to graduate students currently enrolled at an accredited university in the United States, Ecuador, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Philippines and Venezuela.

Department Of Health And Human Services Hiring

The Department Of Health And Human Services is hiring recent grads or those about to graduate across the country.

Become a part of the Department that touches the lives of every American! At the Department of Health and Human Services you can give back to your community, state, and country by making a difference in the lives of Americans everywhere. Join HHS and help to make our world healthier, safer and better for all Americans.

This position is located nationwide, Office of the Secretary (OS), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

This is an Open Continuous Announcement with the following cut-off dates:
1st Cut-off date April 23, 2010
2nd Cut-off date May 21, 2010
3rd Cut-off date June 25, 2010
4th Cut-off date July 23, 2010
5th Cut-off date Aug 13, 2010
Final Cut-off date Aug 27, 2010

For more information and position details:*&vw=b&re=134&FedEmp=Y&FedPub=Y&caller=advanced.aspx&AVSDM=2010-04-05+05%3a24%3a00

RealJobs: Charon Garvin Wallace, Nurse

Charon Garvin Wallace’s work day on Monday night, February 8, 2010.

Monday night was busy. Bad weather brings lots of cardiac patients experiencing chest pain and/or shortness of breath. These admissions require detailed assessments and quick thinking on your toes.  I cared for a total of 5 patients 2 of which were admissions.  I prepped 1 patient for the cardiac cath lab scheduled for the am.
This entails filling out a report sheet with the patients history and morning labs focusing on Pt/INR and cardiac enzyme Troponin.

This night was uneventful and as usual I pride myself on getting out on time.

I owe that to my clinical training at BC and the 5 years I spent working at Mass General after graduation!

Till next time…..

Nursing Career Fair 2009

Nursing Career Fair 2009
co-hosted by the Career Center & the Connell School of Nursing

The Boston College Career Center and the Connell School of Nursing are pleased to participate in the Sixth annual East Coast Nursing Consortium Career Days:

When: Monday, December 7, 2009 from 11:00-2:00pm

Where: Heights Room in Corcoran Commons