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Science, Math, and Tech Bi-Weekly Career Update!

Thanks to all who made it to the Career Fair last week! We hope that this week’s SMT Career Update is useful!

In this Newsletter: Feature, Upcoming Events at BC, Events in Boston, National Events/Seminars , Job & Internship Opportunities, Cool News from the Field


hgInterested in the Tech Industry? Check out the Fall 2013 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Boston Tech Community with information on meet-ups, events and resources on tech and tech careers in the Boston area!


alliedhealthimageAllied Health Careers Night
When: Tomorrow!
Wednesday, September 25
5:30pm (Higgins 335D): Optometry Panel
6:00pm (Higgins 310): Physician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner Panel
6:00pm (Higgins 235): Genetic Counseling Panel
6:00pm (Higgins 260): Physical Therapy Panel
7:00pm in Higgins Atrium: Q&A and Refreshments with Professionals
Open to ALL students. RSVP on EagleLink.

Life Sciences & the Health Professions – Professors and Pastries
When: Wednesday, October 2
Where: Stokes S140
Meet informally with your professors, advisors, and professionals about different topics each week. Fancy pastries abound!

LeaderShape at Boston College
When: January 5-10, 2014
Where: Off-site retreat TBA
Submit your application by Oct. 18!
Check out the LeaderShape website for more information on the program.
Contact the Student Programs Office with any questions.


Harvard Biotech Career Fair
When: Monday, September 30 — 1:00-5:00pm
Where: New Research Building (3rd floor Rotunda), Harvard Medical School
Intended for PhDs, MDs, and Post-Doctoral Fellows.
No registration required. Cost: $40

EnerNOC Networking Night
When: Monday, Septmeber 30 — 6:00-9:00pm
Where: 1 Marina Park Dr., Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
Registration is required. Cost is careers final

Reminder: Massachusetts Green Career Conference – Thursday, October 3 – Registration is required.

National Events/Seminars

Science and Health Policy: Critical Issues Seminar – The Public Leadership Education Network
January 6-9, 2014 – Washington, DC

Job & Internship Opportunities

Science/Math/Tech in Education

Computer Science/IT – All On EagleLink

  • IT Leadership Development Program – ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Software Quality Engineer – Vistaprintvistaprint
  • Multiple Internships with Insegment, Inc.
  • Automation Engineer – Belvedere Trading LLC

Research Positions


  • Health Policy Intern – New England Healthcare Institute – EagleLink


What’s Happening? Cool News from the Field

galaxy_universe-normalThe 10 Most Important Questions in Science
What is the universe made of? What is consciousness? Why do we dream? Lots to explore as you consider a career in the sciences!

Thanks for tuning in for another week of the SMT Career Update! Please leave comments below or email us at with any feedback or thoughts on what would be helpful for you in this update!


Allied Health Careers Night

Are you interested in a career in the allied health professions? Whether you are just starting to think about the possibilities or are more seriously considering a particular field, come check out Allied Health Career Night.PowerPoint Presentation

Science, Math, and Tech Bi-Weekly Career Update!

Welcome back – we hope you had a wonderful summer! As we get back into the swing of the school year, check out some of the links and info below to get back in the swing of your career search!

In this Newsletter: Feature, Upcoming Career Center Events at BC, Events in Boston, Job & Internship Opportunities, Cool News from the Field


Careers in the Sciences: An Alumni Panel
Come and hear BC alumni speak about their experiences working in the sciences!
Today! Tuesday, September 10
4:30 – 5:30pm in Merkert 130
Register on EagleLink


Boston College Career Fair
Thursday, September 19
3:00 – 6:00pm in Conte Forum
AHANA & Student Athlete Reception: 1:00PM – 2:30PM in the Heights Room
In addition to the fair, there are loads of good prep workshops and events in the lead-up to the fair – check them out on our website!

Interview Prep Week for Juniors and Seniors
Come to an interview workshop, register for practice interviews with employers and get in the game for the real thing.
Week of September 23-27
Register on EagleLink


Boston Idealist Grad School Fair
Check out a multitude of graduate schools from around the world including programs in environmental studies, education, biomedical science, and public health.
Where: 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston University, Boston, MA
When: Wednesday, September 25
5:00 – 8:00pm
Register in advance. Cost is free.

Massachusetts Green Career Conference
Connect with professionals in the “green” field and learn about best practices and new developments in sustainable development.
Where: Marlborough Holiday Inn, Marlborough, MA
When: Thursday, October 3
8:00am – 4:00pm
Register in advance. Cost for students is $45.

Boston Startup Job Fair
Connect with innovative Boston-based startups looking for current students and recent graduates.
Where: Microsoft NERD Center,  Cambridge, MA
When: Monday, October 28
12:00pm – 2:00pm – Developers/Engineers Only
2:00pm – 5:00pm – All Candidates
All candidates must register in advance and space is limited. Cost is free.

2013 Schools and Programs of Public Health Visit Day
Meet with grad school reps, current students, and others in the field of Public Health.
Where: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
When: Wednesday, November 6
8:30am – 12:30pm
All participants must register in advance. Cost is free.

Job & Internship Opportunities

Science/Math/Tech in Education

Computer Science/IT – All On EagleLink

  • Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) – General Electric
  • Textron Leadership Development Program – Information Technology – Textron, Inc.
  • Associate Application Developer – Bottomline Technologies
  • Information Technology & Project Assurance Associate – PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Software Developer – InterSystems Corporation
  • 2014 Summer Consulting Intern, Technolgy & Advisory – McGladrey
  • Technology and Innovation Intern – EF (Education First)

Research Positions

  • Multiple Job Openings at Joslin Diabetes Center Job Openings (Including: Study Coordinator (Immunobiology) – N2447‐13, and Clinical Research Nurse (LookAHEAD Study) – R2434‐13)

Environmental Advocacy

What’s Happening? Cool News from the Field

Credit: EricHolsingerA Multitasking Video Game Makes Old Brains Act Younger
According to the New York Times, “Brain scientists have discovered that swerving around cars while simultaneously picking out road signs in a video game can improve the short-term memory and long-term focus of older adults. Some people as old as 80, the researchers say, begin to show neurological patterns of people in their 20s.”

Thanks for checking out the bi-weekly science, math, and tech career update!

Careers in the Sciences Panel

Are you considering a career in the sciences? This panel will feature alumni and employers in science fields who will offer their perspective about the wide variety of professional opportunities available. Panelists will provide advice about resumes, interviewing, and navigating the job and internship search process. They will also offer insight into their careers and highlight what skills and experiences make candidates competitive.

Careers in Science panel flyer 9-2013
Register on EagleLink. All BC students are welcome!

Career Conversation with Ryan Harms

Career Conversation with Ryan Harms, Director of Digital Production at Arnold Worldwide

 ryan pic 1

Ryan Harms is an extremely personable guy.  His young energy and passion for advertising and marketing made our conversation comfortable and informal, yet it was very informative.  Ryan graduated from Boston College in 2007 as an International Studies major, worked for two small advertising agencies in Boston, and is now leading a production team at Arnold Worldwide, which is one of the most well-established, well-known firms in the industry.  Ryan shared his academic and early work experiences with us to prove that marketing and advertising careers attract people from all walks of life.  It’s encouraging that some companies find you as a person more compelling and interesting than your GPA, number of past internships, and extracurricular activities.

ryan pic 2

Our conversation progressed into a discussion about how technology is rapidly changing the advertising industry, such as with the creation of online “ad blocking” tools.  Each day certainly brings a new challenge for Ryan, who doesn’t mind the hard work and long hours that it takes to manage projects for over twenty clients simultaneously.  The “soul” of the workplace, as Ryan put it, is important for productivity in terms of coming up with ideas and building brands for companies, as well as for chemistry with colleagues and those with whom you interact on a daily basis.  There is also a significant difference between small and large agencies, both in which Ryan has experience.  For example, you get to work with a diverse group of clients at a larger ad agency, whereas a smaller agency exposes you more to different tasks and roles.  Big agencies are much more bureaucratic than smaller ones are, and small agencies lack the mentorship that many of the large firms provide.  In the end, Ryan loves what he does, and inspired many of us to consider a career in marketing and advertising.

A huge thanks to Ryan for speaking with us!

-Michelle Totino, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2013

Career Conversation with Jeffrey Davis of Epsilon

Last month’s Career Conversation, with BC alumnus Jeffrey Davis of Epsilon, was a great opportunity to learn more about careers in advertising.  If you missed Jeff on campus, check out the following blog post about his visit:

jeff pic 2

Jeffrey Davis, a BC alumni, came to the Career Center to speak to us about his position as the Associate Account Executive at Epsilon. Epsilon is a full services marketing company. With a liberal arts background, Jeff emphasized the fact that you do not need to have a marketing degree in order to work at a marketing company. He personally believes that the liberal arts education is extremely valuable in that it teaches you how to write, analyze, and comprehend. He also went into detail on how he started off interning at Blitz and was able to learn to speak the language of the field. This unpaid internship helped him get his resume through the door at Epsilon.   After that, it’s all about your behavior and how you think, and less about what you have previously done.

Jeff also went into detail of what components make up Epsilon. It has 3 major components to it – a full scale agency, marketing technology, and third party data. As a full scale agency, Epsilon creates content and develops the information that shows up on companies’ websites and pages. It also provides analytical consulting, answering questions like “How do I format my website to get people to purchase my product?” Within its marketing technology component, Epsilon builds email and data platforms. This is what Jeff and his team do.  With third party data, Epsilon collects data from different companies for a specific client in order to get a better understanding of information such as where the target audience is spending its money.

jeff pic

Overall, Jeffrey gave valuable insight on what it is like to work at a company like Epsilon. After listening to him, I felt much more relieved to know that as a Communications and Psychology major, I can provide a unique perspective to marketing companies.  It’s your mind, not your background that leads the way working in Marketing.

-Ellie Suh, College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2014

Career Conversation with Ariel Belgrave

Ariel Belgrave is a BC alumna who is currently working as an Executive Officer Senior Analyst at JP Morgan Chase.  She visited the BC Career Center to speak with students about her recent experiences, career path and choices, and to give general advice to current BC students.  In case you missed her visit, here are some take-away points:

ariel pic

1)      If you’re interested in something, take a class in it.  Ariel was a Psychology major at BC, but she had an interest in working outside of the traditional Psychology career paths.  She took a tax course outside of her BC course work, and this gave her the skills she needed to pursue her current career.  Ariel recommended that students should look for other ways to gain skills and knowledge, even if it’s not within their traditional major courses.

2)      The number one aspect that Ariel has leveraged is people.  She recommends networking, joining LinkedIn groups based on interests and skills, getting in touch with alumni, and maintaining relationships with any previous supervisors or professionals.  It is useful for finding jobs in the future, as well as understanding a possible job of interest.

3)      Rotational programs give a well-rounded experience.  Ariel is currently working in a rotational program at JP Morgan Chase, and this has given her a wide variety of skills.  She stressed the importance of flexibility while starting out in a career.

4)      Use an entry-level job to sculpt yourself and gain skills. Focus on the job characteristics, skills you will gain, and work with your manager to develop your talents.  Use a first job to help guide you towards your next job and just in general in your career path.

5)      Do things outside of the general job description to gain experience.  Ariel described how she has not yet had to say “no” to a project; she views any additional tasks as a way to gain exposure to multiple areas of the company.  Additionally, Ariel has joined the board of a non-profit organization, which gives her varied professional experience outside of her company and day-to-day work.

6)      Keep good time management, and maintain your health.  Even with her busy schedule, Ariel finds time to exercise, walk around the city, and see friends.  She mentioned that time management and her calendar are very important and useful, but it’s possible to do everything you want if you use your time well.

-Megan Cain, Lynch School of Education, Class of 2013