Drop In Hours

Drop-in appointments last 15-20 minutes and are appropriate for resume or cover letter critiques and focused questions about jobs or internships.

Now featuring online drop-ins (via IM) and satellite drop-in locations where we come to you!

Academic Year (September – May)

Career Center Drop-Ins Satellite Drop-Ins Online Drop-Ins
Monday 1-4pm 9am-12pm (Hillside: General)
6pm-9pm (Lower: General)
Tuesday 1-4pm and 5:00-7:20pm 1-3pm (Chocolate Bar: General) 11am-1pm
Wednesday 1-4pm and 5:00-7:20pm 1:30-2:30pm (Higgins: Science)
Thursday 1-4pm 2pm-3pm (Chocolate Bar: General)
3pm-5pm (Brock House: Montserrat Coalition)
4:30-5:30pm (Merkert: Science*)
Friday 1-4pm
    *Starts October 3, 2013

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