RealInternships: Halycon Apy

I have been working at the AIDS Policy Project for about a month and a half now, and I have learned a great deal about activism, outreach, and policy change. Over the past weekend I was at a conference in Baltimore where the main goal was to provide the public information about AIDS (prevention, awareness, and the state of the cure). While I did have tasks to take care of such as getting contact information from people and handing out pamphlets, my boss also thought that it was important for me to sit in on the workshops and listen in to people as they were sharing their stories. I learned a lot about what is going on with finding a cure and different initiatives that were being started. It was overall a great experience.

apyRight now I am heavily involved in fundraising, and this is the main focus of the group. I’m calling people each day asking for donations and support. While I found this uncomfortable at first, I have now gotten used to it and am on my way to becoming an expert fundraiser. At times I’m still nervous when I have to begin calling people, but I am no longer tripping over my words.

Working for the AIDS Policy Project has started giving me more direction in terms of what I want to do in the future. Talking with the other intern, who is a recent college graduate, has been very helpful. Although she is only a couple of years older, hearing what she has done since graduation has helped me to understand what life after an undergraduate career can me like.

I’m really loving my work so far!



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