RealInternships: Stephanie Salinas

This summer I am interning at Children’s Hospital in Boston in the Children’s Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry Unit (also known as Bader 5, which aims to help patients by stabilizing them while in crisis. Staff members use a family-oriented approach when assessing and treating patients, who are given a variety of coping skills in order to return to a more comfortable environment for ongoing care.


The counselors, clinicians, nurses, social workers, and interns work together to help patients reach their individual goals. I hope that this internship will help me further my passion and experience of working with youth. It will be interesting to work with youth outside of a traditional setting (i.e. camps, arts programs, sports), which is what I am typically accustomed to. Nonetheless, I am excited to learn about the different group therapies and activities such as Therapeutic Recreation, Psychotherapy, Psycho-Education, and Task/Social Action – as I will eventually be leading and co-leading many of them. I expect this internship to bring a different perspective and different challenges when working with adolescents.

I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of and insight into the mental health field in order to decide if it is the right field for me. I am also excited to meet, observe and interact with clinicians, counselors and many other professionals in the unit.



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