RealInternships: Daniela Diaz

This summer, I’m interning with the NC Green Schools Project, located in Asheville, North Carolina. The program is a non-profit initiative focused on building a sustainable public education system using four components, school culture and community relations, sustainability of school sites, health education in curriculum, and the integration of environmental education into routine curriculum.


I’m interested in pursuing a career either with non-profit work or in education, so this immersion should provide a lot of perspective about what these fields can be like and the future of working in them. When my internship begins in late June, I’ll be working with the program’s director and with public school teachers to match NC state curriculum standards to lesson plans that teach lessons about environmental stewardship. There are a lot of environmental and cultural education resources in the Western North Carolina area that can provide out-of-classroom experience for students, and so there should be plenty of opportunity to encourage engagement between classrooms and the community during the next year. I’m hoping to help set up an opportunity for either public school students who are in summer school or home-schooled students to be able to participate in some events meant to promote the organization over the summer.  The program is beginning a pilot year this coming fall, and so I’m going to be busy double checking new programs to make sure that they meet state standards as well as learning about the non-profit’s day-to-day management.Image



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