Career Conversation with Jeffrey Davis of Epsilon

Last month’s Career Conversation, with BC alumnus Jeffrey Davis of Epsilon, was a great opportunity to learn more about careers in advertising.  If you missed Jeff on campus, check out the following blog post about his visit:

jeff pic 2

Jeffrey Davis, a BC alumni, came to the Career Center to speak to us about his position as the Associate Account Executive at Epsilon. Epsilon is a full services marketing company. With a liberal arts background, Jeff emphasized the fact that you do not need to have a marketing degree in order to work at a marketing company. He personally believes that the liberal arts education is extremely valuable in that it teaches you how to write, analyze, and comprehend. He also went into detail on how he started off interning at Blitz and was able to learn to speak the language of the field. This unpaid internship helped him get his resume through the door at Epsilon.   After that, it’s all about your behavior and how you think, and less about what you have previously done.

Jeff also went into detail of what components make up Epsilon. It has 3 major components to it – a full scale agency, marketing technology, and third party data. As a full scale agency, Epsilon creates content and develops the information that shows up on companies’ websites and pages. It also provides analytical consulting, answering questions like “How do I format my website to get people to purchase my product?” Within its marketing technology component, Epsilon builds email and data platforms. This is what Jeff and his team do.  With third party data, Epsilon collects data from different companies for a specific client in order to get a better understanding of information such as where the target audience is spending its money.

jeff pic

Overall, Jeffrey gave valuable insight on what it is like to work at a company like Epsilon. After listening to him, I felt much more relieved to know that as a Communications and Psychology major, I can provide a unique perspective to marketing companies.  It’s your mind, not your background that leads the way working in Marketing.

-Ellie Suh, College of Arts and Sciences, Class of 2014


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