What I Learned in Notes to My Freshman Self

Advice, regrets, and wisdom—there were so many great gems that were shared today. Six graduating seniors spoke about their four years at BC and echoed some common words that they wished they could tell their freshmen selves.

Here is a wrap up of all the goodies that were shared:


Try out new things and don’t be afraid to explore!

• You never know if you never try. The countless number of people and opportunities on campus  are like roadsigns on your journey of finding yourself. Make sure you take notice of them or you might fall off the road!

• Do things that get you out of your comfort zone. College is the only time where you don’t have to worry about paying bills or buying a house. Take advantage of your free time in college because these four years are all about you.

Make lasting connections today, so you can set up a brighter tomorrow 

• Your professors are your most valuable resources in college! Take advantage of their office hours and pick their brains. You may never know if  they are the ones connecting you to your future career!

• Create long lasting relationships with upperclassmen and alumni who can mentor you.


“I regret not using the Career Center” 

• Some of the seniors wished they had stopped by the career center sooner to polish up their interview skills or have their resumes more carefully critiqued.

• The career counselors are like your career cheerleaders. They are there at all times whether you are searching for a job or not.

• Even if you can’t make it to the Career Center, you can take advantage of their online resources. EagleLink and its alumni network are tools you can start taking advantage today in advancing your career search!

Make the most of your experiences 

• Build your resume through experiences and internships so you can have something to talk about in your interviews.

• Go abroad! The unique experiences you gain from going away a semester are once in a lifetime. You can even apply for an advanced study grant to help fund your trip!

All in all, it is most important to stay in the moment. College is a time for you to learn, grow, and mature into the men and women of tomorrow. You get what you put in with these next four years so make the most of them!

ryan leeRyan Lee
Boston College, Class of 2016


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