Lessons Learned from Andrew Russell

Lessons Learned from Andrew Russell, Director of Institutional Relations, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

andrew pic 1

  • He was a theater major at BC, and is now working at the corporate, foundation, and government relations department of the MFA
  • Don’t feel married to your major – you may end up leveraging your talents to work in a completely unrelated field
  • Russell had a job working with television that would be the envy of many creative individuals, but he wasn’t passionate about it and left without hesitation
  • Don’t expect to start your dream job straight out of college – be willing to make a reputation as a dedicated low-level employee and work your way to where you want to be
  • He admits that he isn’t a fine art aficionado, despite working for the MFA
  • You don’t have to be an expert in the details as long as you have a committed understanding of your role with the company

by Dmitry Larionov, College of Arts and Sciences 2014

andrew pic 2


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