RealJobs: Will Watkins

Tuesday was another very busy day, I got to the office at 8:30 AM and didn’t get home until 10 PM, but I had a lot of fun in between. As I’ve mentioned in all my other posts, networking is everything in Hollywood, and for that reason I make an effort to meet two new people for drinks every week. Some assistants do more, some do less, but I find that twice a week is a manageable goal and it allows me to steadily build a good base of contacts. Last night I met up with an assistant who works at the production company of a major actor. We discussed each others companies, shared our backgrounds, and talked a lot about the process of developing a project around a star. Since he works at a company that produces projects specifically for one actor and I work at a company representing writers and directors, this was a great topic and I learned a lot from our conversation. While we were meeting under work-related pretenses, there is never anything formal about these types of meetings. One of the best things about working in entertainment is that you constantly get to meet new people, and Hollywood is full of recent graduates who are eager and ambitious to move up.

After our drinks wrapped up, we both walked to a nearby restaurant where our mutual friend was having a birthday party. While this was more social of an event, you can’t put twenty Hollywood assistants in a room without it turning into a networking spree. I met a bunch of assistants, agents, as well as a few aspiring writers and directors. The party was a lot of fun, and I’ll be following up with a lot of the people I met to get to know them better and learn more about their companies.

Will Watkins headshot


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