RealJobs: Alexandra Faklis

Things tend to pick up rather than slow down at the end of the week at Huron.

Today started out with a Research Services Team Meeting. We discussed the financial goals and performance of the team , announced the new business that Huron recently won, and reviewed changes to federal regulations that affect our clients. About an hour later, we moved into another bigger team meeting where our company discussed changes to the performance management process.  We have a formal process for performance reviews, and the importance of being one’s own career advocate was emphasized.

I had about 45 minutes between meetings, so I focused on more reconciliation work for my client on the east coast. In my next meeting, we discussed the outreach progress of an internal initiative related to benchmarking different offices within the University. We’re working to secure participation from 30+ institutions across the country in this benchmarking effort, and the team I’m on is responsible for coordinating all that outreach.

I went out to lunch with my peer contact (a new hire that we are paired with to help welcome to the company), and then it was back to more meetings.   I’m on another internal team that coordinates our quarterly Higher Education Book Club. This book club meets once every three months to discuss relevant books/articles related to our industry.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and stay abreast of the issues that are affecting our clients. We decided that we’ll be surveying the book club participants to inform our planning for the rest of the year, and I spent part of the afternoon designing that survey. I also worked on an amendment and updated budget for our current client.  And, finally, I was ready for the weekend!

Thanks for taking the time to read these posts – hopefully it’s given you a glimpse into consulting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



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