RealJobs: Shervita Bibbs

Today was a very busy day. I spent several hours working on my ROI (Return on Investment) presentation that is due to my client tomorrow.  I will be honest…I do not like doing my ROI reporting…..its tedious and time consuming….which means I procrastinate until the last possible moment. I have to remind myself that if a client is willing to entrust millions of dollars in my marketing plan then it’s my responsibility to show them what sort of return they received.

What a great transition to write more about what I do for a living!  If I were to sum up my job as a marketing manager in one word – then I would say “influencer”.  It’s my job to create a comprehensive marketing plan that incorporates activities that drive to the client’s overall objectives.  The types of activities that I generally incorporate into my plans include social media, e-marketing, direct mail, sales incentives and trainings. The better the “mix” of elements, the better your chances are of increasing overall ROI.

Social media is the latest “In thing” for marketing.   Because there is such a large population of the world that in engaged in some form of social media, it is a fantastic way to gain mindshare.  As annoying as those ads seem when you are playing Words with Friends or Draw Something, to many clients it is the best way for consumers to learn more about products.

One example of E-marketing (electronic marketing) would be those ads that you receive in your email inbox.  Pottery Barn happens to be my personal favorite.  I get really excited when I see that email because I know that SOMETHING…doesn’t really matter what… at Pottery Barn is on sale!!!!

Direct mail includes those lovely flyers that you receive in your mailbox….also commonly referred to by many as Junk mail.  J  Direct mail is still very commonly used by many companies and still very effective.  My personal favorites include flyers (with coupons) from Joanne Fabrics and Michaels. Did I mention earlier that I LOVE coupons????

Incentives are when you run contests and give away money and prizes to sales people that sell your client’s products.   For my client, this is the most effective of all of my elements.  Have you ever heard the phrase “cash is king?”  Well, this definitely rings true when you are running marketing promotions. Sales folks will work very hard to sell your products if you are offering up additional cash!

Last but not least…my marketing plans always include trainings.  My client will host a short training and teach the sales reps about the products.

Today I have shared with you that plan writing is a huge part of my job.  I have also shared the different mix of activities that I like to include in my plans. I have also shared that an effective plan is deemed effective only if the ROI is high.

My day is now over, so I can relax and tomorrow it starts all over again!

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