RealJobs: Michael Rossi

I had a very productive day working on the Penn Station film. I set up appointments to look at a few important archival collections that should have some pretty amazing images. I’m looking forward to it.Rossi2

I was also contacted by a non-profit organization that is interested in consulting with me about a documentary web series they are planning. It’s most likely something that will happen down the road, but it usually takes a while for these things to get rolling, so conversations happen months in advance. I mentioned in my first post that freelancing in the film and television industry works out to be a series of project contracts. That means that you always need to be searching for your next job. It can be stressful at times, but to me, the variety is extremely important and rewarding. As a result of this reality of the business, it is very important to build a large network of contacts.

Keeping up the trend of managing other projects in the evening, tonight I posted two short films on my website that I made for the Resiliency Advocacy Project, a non-profit organization based in Manhattan. The Resiliency Advocacy Project develops and implements innovative individual and system-level advocacy models that build resilience – the ability to bounce back from adversity – in low-income children and youth. This month they are launching a campaign to promote awareness of teen fathers in New York City. I made a series of PSA’s (public service announcements) for the campaign as well as profiles of two young fathers. Below is a photograph of me filming a scene with Lawrence, who is featured in the series. You can check out both of the profiles on my website.




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