RealJobs: Alexandra Faklis

Today’s work day started off with a gift of Godiva chocolates from my boss – Happy Valentine’s Day!

I spent the morning wrapping up the slide deck that I’ve been working on for a couple of our Managing Directors for tomorrow’s Research Services Team meeting.  24 slides later, and we’re done.  Another skill to start thinking about now if you want to go into consulting – power point.

Our project team met from 10 am – 12:30 pm to continue to push through our data clean-up and reconciliation. We’re making a lot of progress and hoping to have some preliminary numbers to our client at some point next week.

My office

My office

I worked through lunch today to continue our reconciliation work.  Later in the afternoon, I led a check-in call with our client to give them an update on our progress.  And not to bore you, but after that, I was back to more data analysis.

Everyone will be heading home tonight from their respective client sites and will be back in the office tomorrow. I love Fridays because I’m able to catch up with everyone.  Friday is also “meeting day” in most consulting offices because everyone is back in town.  I’ll be in meetings for 6 ½ hours tomorrow – looking forward to it!



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