Anthony DiCosmo

It’s been a busy week so here’s a recap :

I worked from our NY headquarters in Times Square.  That’s where my office is.  In the US, we also have offices in Santa Monica, Burbank, Chicago, DC, and Bentonville, AR. The NYC office is our global headquarters for Viacom, located on 44th Street & Broadway.  There are 26 television networks domestically under the Viacom umbrella, including Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike TV, LOGO, and BET, to name a few.  Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, TeenNick, SpikeTV, and TV Land.  Each network has a very different demo, identity, and culture.  Shuffling around a bit has been a great experience in learning how each network approaches content development and engagement.Nickelodeon_logo_new - Copy
I hopped a flight to Portland for a Wednesday meeting with Nike. Really interesting flow.  My colleagues and I shared insights on the daily life, interests, and mindset of a 10 yr old, and what “Play” means to them.  Nike shared some of their insights on play and sports as well.  If this is of interest to you, you should check out their most recent research called “Designed to Move” at  Nike’s global headquarters is in a town outside of Portland called Beaverton.

They call it the Nike Campus for a reason.  It’s comprised of a huge cluster of buildings, all named after different iconic athletes.  Portland is a really nice city.  Super-trendy, industrial lofts, clean– but a little too dreary for me.  It’s always overcast.  Best part about visiting Nike:  The employee store on campus.  Everything is 50% off, and a great spot to find super-rare kicks and apparel.

I hopped a flight to Houston for NBA All-Star weekend.  I have a number of meetings and functions scheduled for the next few days, mixed with a bit of partying.  Sounds dope, but I still have to keep up with work at the office, so I’ve been on conference calls all day today (Friday). I promise to send flix from the weekend.  For now, here’s a few pics from the office.  The views are sick!



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