RealJobs: Mike Zarrilli

Today was a day of ups and downs at the office.  I spent most of my day underwriting one of the deals that I mentioned in my last post.  This particular deal is very important to the business and is garnering a lot of focus, but the financial information that I’m receiving is messy, inconsistent, and complicated by mid-year legal entity changes and accounting process changeovers.  There is a major time crunch to ensure that we don’t lose the deal, but performing an analysis has been difficult with missing information.  While at times it’s felt like putting together a 2,000 piece puzzle of a blue sky, it’s definitely a learning experience that I’ll value going forward.geOn a more positive note, this afternoon I had my relocation call to move to Newport Beach, CA next month and work out of our Irvine office. When people hear “relocation,” they tend to think “nightmare,” but GE does a really great job with it. We have a company that we outsource to that coordinates the entire move. They come to your current apartment, pack up all of your belongings, move them, and unpack them for you. It makes the relocation process a lot less stressful. This lends itself to the conversation of how I’m liking being in a rotational program, which is a question that I get a lot and a topic that I’ll get to in my next post. That’s going to be my best attempt at a cliff hanger for the duration of this blog. Feeble, I know.



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