RealJobs: Michael Rossi

This morning the Penn Station project brought me to the New York Public Library, where I was able to borrow some books needed for research. Trips to the library are a good respite from focused reading and can often lead to new avenues of research. My absolute favorite place in Boston is Harvard’s Widener Library. It is hands down the world’s premiere research facility, though some might argue that Oxford University across the pond gives it stiff competition. I’ve never been to Oxford, but I love getting lost in the stacks at Widener. Often times, once I’ve located the book I’m after, I’ll find it surrounded by dozens of other books relevant to the story. As I mentioned: new avenues of research. The only real limit to this phase of the project is time and the reality of how much you can fit into the film. Access to Widener is not open to everyone. The New York Public Library, however, is open to all and provides an inspiring interior that lends to the same sort of research possibilities. The rest of the day was filled with reading, corresponding with archives, and checking-in with my Co-Producer.


Once my Penn Station day was over, and I was able to cook a little dinner, I turned my attention to other projects. A couple of years ago, I launched my own company, Rossi Films, which helps individuals, companies, institutions, and non-profit organizations realize their storytelling potential through the creation of cinematic, character-driven documentary films and videos across all media platforms. I also use it as a platform for my own independent film projects. One of those projects is The Master Palindromist, a feature-length documentary film about Barry Duncan, a Master Palindromist honing his reversibility skills in an effort to reassess his life, and possibly change the world. I’ve been filming this story for nearly two years and there are a few more shoots I am trying to plan in the coming months. I wrote some emails at the end of the day to figure out availability of talent and back-up crew in case I am unable to do the filming myself. Unlike a historical documentary, The Master Palindromist is a story that is unfolding in real time, so I never know when I need to be available to shoot something. There were a few instances in the past when I had to say no to another job in order to be available for my own project. As a freelancer, this is an often occurrence. You can check out the teaser for the film here:

The Master Palindromist trailer from Michael Rossi on Vimeo.



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