RealJobs: Alexandra Faklis

Wednesday has come and gone.  Today I worked from home, which is a wonderful option when you don’t want to fight your way onto the crowded Chicago subways (especially in the winter when everyone is sick!)  If I’m not traveling to the client site, I’ll usually work from home one day a week. I’m surprised by how many companies offer this option – it’s a great benefit if you can take advantage of it!

For my current project, I’m serving in a management role, which requires me to keep my team on track and provide my Director with frequent updates on our project.  I have a great team, and I really enjoy taking the lead on making sure that our project is going well.  In order for us to stay in touch, when I do work from home, I am often messaging co-workers through our internal office “IM” system called Communicator.  So, between email, text, phone calls, screen sharing and IMing, we’re very much in touch throughout the day!

I had a few conference calls with my team to work through cleaning up the data that we’re hoping to load into our costing software (Efacs) before the end of the week.  We’ve really been pushing to get everything in order, which often times requires keeping our client on track as well so that they can provide us with the information that we need.  My current client is incredibly responsive, which makes our jobs a lot easier. I have worked with past clients, however, that are quite busy and can’t always prioritize our project work.  I feel like in order to stay “on track” in consulting you always need to be anticipating the next five steps when you’re working with multiple constituents so that there’s no delay in the final product.  Being in a management role is very different than being in a support role.  You’re not only trying to get your own work done, but you have to juggle multiple priorities to ensure that your project teammates are fully staffed.  It makes life more interesting!

Right now, I’m off to spinning.  I’ll admit that I’m addicted.  And, it’s great to be able to relieve some stress mid-week!



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