RealJobs: Mike Zarrilli

Hi again, Eagles. It’s been a hectic start to the week for me, so this will serve as a combined post for Monday and Tuesday. The highlight of the week so far is undoubtedly BC’s 4th straight Beanpot victory, which I enjoyed with fellow BC grads at the Fairfield County Alumni game watch. There was an alumn there who was part of the first coed Boston College class and defaulted to the old version of For Boston (the one that includes “For Here Men are Men”) when we sang it after the victory. Pretty awesome. But I digress.


Getting back to the point of this post, I’ve been working on a 4 different deals over the past 2 days. As I mentioned in the first post, I work for GE Capital. More specifically, though, I work for GE Capital’s Franchise Finance business, which lends to franchisees of restaurants and limited service hotels. To give you more of an idea, the deals that I’m working on currently are an acquisition line of credit for a 35-unit Wendy’s operator, a refinancing opportunity for a 31-unit Little Caesar’s operator, a Real Estate term loan for a 21-unit Denny’s operator, and a term loan and development line of credit for a 13-unit Dunkin’ Donuts operator.

Though I’m in a sales program, I’m currently serving as a Risk Analyst so that I can dig down into deals and really learn the business from its roots. Thus, I’m helping to underwrite the 4 loans that I just mentioned. Responsibilities range from spreading financials (which basically means taking financial statements and putting them into a more meaningful form with percentages, ratios, etc.), analyzing the numbers, working through a financial model to determine whether or not the customer is a good credit, and putting together pitches to present the deals to my boss. I’ve done all of the above over the past two days. While that serves as a high level overview of what my job entails, tomorrow I’ll dig down into a little more detail. Have fun studying (or doing the Harlem Shake) in Bapst tonight!



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