RealJobs: Angela Donkor

I decided to begin my career at Paul, Weiss because they shared my commitment to public service. Despite being one of the world’s leading law firms with offices around the word, Paul, Weiss has a historic commitment to service. They were the only law firm willing to help Thurgood Marshall argue Brown vs. Board of Education and their commitment to pro bono work is unmatched. While I was at BC, I went on two service trips to Uganda and Rwanda and volunteered in Kuwait so I felt like Paul, Weiss was going to be a good fit.

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And it has been an amazing experience so far. At any given day, I am preparing documents for a judge at the Hague or translating a document from Italian (I grew up in Italy) to English for an attorney. Paul Weiss has an office in DC and I worked with partners and associates there on a major case. I have also worked on cases that are still being decided at the Supreme Court. I think what I enjoy about my job is that it is unpredictable. At any given day, I go to work and while I know what cases I am working on, I have no idea what kind of work I will be doing that day. I think this is where I value my BC education so much because that education teaches you to adapt your skills to any situation and in my job that is critical.

One thing I wish I did differently is that I wish I took more courses not related to my major. We complain about the core but it is so valuable. Paul Weiss represent clients from all sectors and the broader your education is the better you will be. For example, you can’t really work on a case involving the economy of Mexico if you don’t understand the basic skills of economics such as supply and demand.

Lastly, make sure you land yourself at least two competitive internships because places like Paul, Weiss wants to know that you know what is like to work in a workplace setting. Make sure you are getting involved at BC because that will make you more competitive for anything after BC.

Next entry, I will talk about some of the cool things about working and living in NYC and the rewards and challenges of working at a competitive firm.

Here is a link to learn more about jobs at Paul, Weiss:


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