RealJobs: Sofia Mohammed

Hello Good People,

I am a 6th Grade Math Teacher and Grade-Level Chair with a hint of a school nurse, hallway/cafeteria monitor, traffic patrol officer, counselor, housekeeper, fundraiser, and advocate. While there is a routine that I follow, there are always unexpected events that pop up and require me to take action.
6:50am – Arrived to school. Did last minute tidying up of my classroom.
7:00am – Tutorial. I started out my day with a scholar who has been on medical leave for about a month now. She is starting to feel better so I met with her to catch her up on some of the material she missed. She is one of my sweetest and most awesome scholars, so I was super excited to see her and looked forward to working with her.
7:55am – Hallway duty. I went out to my hallway to ensure that all scholars were going into their lockers and homerooms silently (my school has a policy of silent transitions) and issued consequences to those not meeting the expectations.
8:05am – Planning period. The greatest thing about having 1st-period planning is that I have extra time to edit and spice up my lessons if need be. However, what usually happens is I end up fighting with the one copy machine for the whole building that decides to act up that morning, covering a class for a teacher who’s stuck in traffic, assisting with uniform checks, helping a sick scholar, or analyzing scholars’ penmanship for the “Writing on the Bathroom Walls” investigation. Today, I stopped a nosebleed.
9:05am to 11:05 – Taught my 2nd and 3rd period classes. I went out to the hallway during class periods to ensure scholars are transitioning silently.
11:10am – Lunch. I escorted my scholars down to the cafe and made sure they immediately sat down or got on the lunch line. While I warmed up my food in the teacher’s lounge, I vented to my Assistant Principal about curriculum issues and set up a meeting to strategize and fix the problem. I went back out to the cafe to monitor the scholars and make sure they were not getting up from their seats without permission, talking too loud, or in any type of danger. After eating quickly, I collected field-trip permission slips and money. Then, I chased down my other Assistant Principal so that I can hand over the money.
11:35am – Transition to 4th period. I dismissed the scholars (by table cleanliness) to their 4th period classes. I ensured their silence and professionalism. I issued consequences to those not meeting expectations.
11:45am – 2:55pm – Taught my 4th, 5th, 6th periods. Again, I went out to the hallway during class periods to ensure scholars are transitioning silently.
3:00pm – Houses! My school has a House System where every scholar is in a House named after a positive characteristic. There are 10 Houses in total and they meet once a month. On days Houses meet, scholars go to their House location rather than going to their 7th period academic class. At the House meetings, scholars participate in a character development, community service, fundraising, and/or advocacy activity. I, along with the 8th grade Science Teacher, advise House of Knowledge. During this particular House meeting, the scholars created patches for the school’s black history quilt. They illustrated African American historical figures and contributions to the world.
3:50pm – Dismissal. I escorted the scholars who are in House of Knowledge down to the fitness area, where they are held until their names are called for dismissal. I ensured that they were silent in the fitness area.
4:00pm – Traffic Patrol. About half of the scholars get picked up after school by their parents or whomever is in the carpool agreement. I directed traffic to ensure the safety of the scholars as well as their families.
4:30pm – Grade-Level/Team Meeting. I led the team meeting and conducted 6th-grade business. Items on the agenda included Scholars of the Month, Friday’s raffle drawing, Hall/Cafeteria Culture, contacting parents, etc…
5:15pm – Faculty Meeting (whole school).
6:30pm – Return to my classroom to tidy up.
6:40pm – Exit the school building and drive out of the parking lot.
More to come…

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