RealJobs: Shervita Bibbs

During a day in the life of an Ingram Micro marketing manager anything can happen.  Let’s be honest here, my job is in no way Rocket Science, however it does require me to think on my feet, be creative, be flexible and most importantly be a leader.

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My title is Group Marketing Manager and I work for the world’s largest wholesale Computer Technology Distributor in the world — Ingram Micro.  I’ve worked for Ingram Micro for 19 years and during my tenure, I’ve worked in both Marketing and Purchasing.  I started out as a Marketing Administrator, was promoted to Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Senior Marketing Manager and now Group Marketing Manager.

My job responsibilities include managing a client account and managing a team of people. As part of managing a client account I am responsible for creating and driving the marketing strategy.  Once I understand the client’s goals and objectives, I write and execute a market plan. I present that plan to the client and once they approve the plan I am given a budget to execute the plan.  That budget for my particular account is upward of $3M. Of course the larger your budget the more creative and fun you can have while writing your marketing plans.

Writing and presenting plans as well as conducting planning meetings are very large parts of my job.  I double majored in English and Communications back in 1990 and during my undergrad years at Boston College I took a Public Speaking class with Dr. Dorman Picklesimer which later resulted in a teaching assistant position.  Without his class I would never be as comfortable as I am today presenting to all levels of management at both my company and the company of my client.

My writing skills I attribute to Dr. Mary Thomas Crane in the English Literature Department.  I had my first class with her as a freshman and for the remaining 4 years I took every class she offered that I could fit into my schedule. With the types of books that I had to read for her class, she opened my eyes to better reading comprehension.  I spend a portion, albeit a small portion, of my job reading contracts and agreements that I must understand before I am able to commit.

Lastly and in my mind, more importantly…over 50% of my job at Ingram Micro is managing people.  My first management experience I credit to Adelaide Lalli.  For all 4 years of college I worked for the catering department.  In my Junior Year of college Addie, promoted me to student supervisor and I helped manage catering events on campus.  For those of you that had the privilege of working with Addie before she passed away last year, you were as lucky as I.

The catering opportunity mixed with the fact that I was a Resident Assistant (RA) in both my junior and senior year in CLX and Walsh Hall, helped to provide a foundation to my leadership and management skills.

So now you that you have learned what I do for a living and how I started building the foundation for my career starting back in my freshman year of college, I can’t wait to tell you starting tomorrow about how there is never a day in any given work week that is ever the same.  My work life moves at a rapid pace and that keeps my job fresh and exciting…so exciting that I have been committed to the same company for 19 of my 23 work years.

It’s late and I have my 2013 marketing budget and plan due tomorrow.  I have Champagne creativity on what I would consider an apple cider budget, so this should be interesting……


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