Career Conversation with Kathy Behan, Editor of the Community Advocate

Kathy Behan was both genuine and engaging in her career conversation about journalism.  She gave an entertaining account of her career and highlighted a number of fun pieces she had published.

Kathy provided an honest picture of both the pros and cons of the industry:


  • Flexible hours and flexibility to work from home
  •   Opportunities to meet interesting people
  • Attend press events at fun locations
  • Write about interesting topics
  • The career evolves with you, it’s not stagnant because there are always new trends and new current events


  • “Rotten pay” (She confessed that the only way to make good money is to be a staff writer or editor for a large newspaper)
  • Freelance is inconsistent work with bad pay as well

Kathy also provided thorough advice for getting started at a career in journalism:

  • Get published, write for everything you can! (She suggested pitching articles to your local newspaper)
  • To make more money, consider working in PR or advertising.
  • Either be open to changing your writing style based on feedback, or decide to proudly own you writing style and accept that it’s not for everyone’s taste.
  • Know how to write a query letter (A letter that you send to an editor  with a proposal for an article)

Overall, the students in attendance left with a practical understanding of the field and helpful, encouraging advice for pursuing a career in journalism.

Thank you Kathy!

-Megan Jantsch, Boston College Student, Class of 2013


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