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Undeclared and Unprepared? Advice from seniors about choosing a major

If you were unable to attend last week’s student panel on Finding Your Major, please check out these fantastic tips!

How do you know this is the right major for you?

  • Does it reflect your personalities and interests?
  • Figure out majors through taking select courses.

What are the outside influences in choosing majors, like pressure from parents and friends?

  • Parents – Tell them you want to try by yourself.
  • Let them know your interests and what you would love to do.
  • (Editorial note: visit the Career Center to learn how to connect with a potential career particularly if that career is not related to your major.)

What are good sources of advice?

  • Take advising classes and seminars
  • Establish relationships with professors; they could become your advisors as well as references in the future.
  • Freshmen and sophomores might be very nervous to talk to professor. You could start a conversation by asking them some questions related to class or any of your concerns. They will be very willing to help.
  • Visit the Academic Advising Center.
  • It’s okay to ask some personal questions:

    ‘Where are you from?’
    ‘How did you choose your major?’
    ‘How did you get to this point?’

  • Let them know you in a personal way in order to build a relationship.
  • It is hard to let a professor get to know you in a big class. Sign up for some smaller classes and make your voice heard.
  • Professors may give better academic advice than some advisors because they are familiar with a specific academic area and its development trends.
  • Go to the TA. They know about the courses, the professor, as well as the undergraduate and graduate students at BC.

Compared with a traditional major and minor, how much extra work is it to double major?

  • The work load is a lot, but if you are interested in what you chose and have a clear plan, you will enjoy double majoring, especially taking courses in different departments.

How do you schedule the second semester if you are undeclared?

  • Take some core courses in the department that you are interested to find classes you might like
  • Take cultural diversity courses.

How do you prepare for studying abroad?

  • Talk to your advisor ahead to plan your schedule early if you want to study abroad.
  • Make sure you know the language requirement and what you have to do ahead of time.

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