Careers in Student Affairs: Lindsay Napier

My entire professional career has consisted of supporting students both emotionally and academically in institutions of higher education. As a Psychology major at Lafayette College I was very interested in the mental healthcare and psychological disabilities.  In order to further explore my interests, I had multiple internship experiences including a placement at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Katonah, New York and an internship at The Royal Free Hospital Eating Disorders Unit in London, England while studying abroad.  I found myself drawn to social work not only because of the nature of the work clinically supporting patients and their families, but also due to the fact that the role appeared versatile and unpredictable.

Following my undergraduate degree I went directly to graduate school at New York University where I earned my masters in clinical social work. My second year internship was at Hunter College’s Counseling Center.  I loved working with college students, providing support for various psychological symptoms and interpersonal issues.   The staff was very dedicated to student growth and development and the energy on campus was contagious.  At that point I knew I wanted to support students in a higher education environment.  When my internship ended I worked for New York University as a Crisis Response Counselor and Staff Social Worker and at Emerson College as the Assistant Director for Disability Services before starting at Boston College in June 2012 as the Assistant Director for Health Promotion and Alcohol and Drug Education Program.

In my current role no two days look remotely similar.  I counsel students on alcohol and drug related issues both voluntarily and through conduct mandates to assess level or risk and motivate behavior change.  I am involved in the Health Coach program training health coaches to facilitate programming on campus.  Additionally, I supervise graduate clinical interns and undergraduate health coaches.  The position affords me the ability to work with students on a variety of health related issues in multiple capacities including psychoeducation as well as clinically.

During my six years in higher education, I am pleased to see how colleges emphasize health and well-being of the student population.    In order for students to be successful they not only have to perform in the classroom, but also address their own health and mental health.   More specifically, as the rates of binge drinking on college campuses continue to be high, it is vital that programs such as ADE exist on campuses to educate students on the difference between low and high risk choices to keep themselves safe.  As a member of the Student Affairs division at Boston College, I feel fortunate to work with dedicated professionals who value student health and personal advancement within population we serve.

Lindsay Napier
Assistant Director of Health Promotion, Health Promotion
BA, Masters of Social Work, LICSW


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