Five Fun Facts from Amy Nadeau

In case you missed this latest A&S Career Conversation from Amy Nadeau, Group Manager at BOSE, check out her fun facts!

1. Amy got her first job with Reebok after doing informational interviews, and connecting with experts in the field.  She suggests checking in after informational interviews to stay in the loop for when they might be looking to make a hire.  Remember informational interviews are learning and networking opportunities, not the place to ask for a job!

  • Examples include checking in on a topic you discussed, asking for additional suggestions, asking if your contact could take a look at your resume.
  • For more tips on informational interviewing check out the BC Career Center Webpage.

2. Amy described how there are multiple models of advertising agencies.  There is the agency model which works for external clients, and the internal agency which works with in a brand (like BOSE) to promote their own products.  Amy also explained that depending on the size of the company an employee could be overseeing a lot of different areas, or be working within one specific division of the company.

3. Amy detailed the many positions that make an effective advertising team.   The producer, copy writer, art director, account service, media department, licensing, etc. are all necessary to imagine, design, create, and promote advertisements.   These roles all play to different strengths, so just because you aren’t an amazing artist or a creative genius there could still be a perfect role for you in the advertising worldDon’t get caught up on job titles, pay more attention to the job description because a Creative Technologist at one agency might serve in the same role as an Art Director at another.

4. What Amy looks for in new hires:

  • Communication/ Organization skills
  • A balance of personality types in the work place
  • Open to learn
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • Personable, friendly

5. Words of Wisdom:

  • Don’t burn bridges” it’s a small world.
  • If you say you are going to do something… DO IT!
  • Don’t go just for the money when choosing a first job.  Look at what will set you in the best direction for the long run, and where you will have the most satisfaction.

-Emily Merritt, Graduate Assistant, Boston College Career Center


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