Ten Thoughtful Tips about Advertising from Schuyler Hunt

If you weren’t able to attend this week’s Career Conversation, please see Schuyler Hunt’s Ten Thoughtful Tips about Advertising!

1. There are five areas of advertising to consider; Art Direction, Copywriting, Communications Strategy, Creative Brand Management, Creative Technology.

2. Explore advertising websites. Some great websites Schuyler mentioned include; Agency Spy, AgencyFight, Creativity-Online

3. Consider graduate school to gain skills necessary to enter the field.

4. Start building your advertising book (portfolio) now; create your own projects for companies, show how you would advertise for them.

5. Network! Stay connected and informed of web culture! Utilize twitter, LinkedIn, reddit, 4chan, knowyourmeme, connections in the field, etc.

6. Be your unique self… in advertising it’s important to show your personality in your work; be quirky, "no room for normal."

7. Be prepared for failure; don’t give up when you get turned down, for every success you will have many ideas that never became realities.

8. Work as an intern; there is so much to learn on the job, especially with the fast pace of technology.

9. Educate yourself on coding; w3schools and codeacademy

10. Find a mentor in the field!  Reach out to current members of the field to get the inside perspective.  

-Emily Merritt, Graduate Assistant, Boston College Career Center


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