The Steamboat Foundation

The Steamboat Foundation held its 9th Annual Forbes Reception in New York City on Thursday May 31st.  This year, Steamboat welcomed its 100th Scholar with this summer’s class.  You can click here to read an overview of the Scholarship Program.  Since its inception, Boston College has been a Steamboat partner with the NY Giants football organization.  The current Executive Director is a BC alumna and was in the first Steamboat Scholar class during the summer of 2004.

Steamboat Foundation was originally envisioned and created in 2003 by Peer T. Pedersen Jr. and Andrew C. Walter (now a Principal at Select Equity Group, Inc.), the co-founders of Blue Orchid Capital, LLC, a money management organization based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Steamboat Foundation’s Executive Director is Emily Ryan, a 2004 Steamboat Scholar out of Boston College and former front office employee for The New York Football Giants.

Steamboat Foundation was born out of a simple idea that mirrored Blue Orchid Capital’s investment philosophy: to invest in extraordinary talent. The philanthropic premise of Blue Orchid Capital was, at its creation, to simultaneously build a non-profit organization, unique as to its mission, that would be funded by a fixed percentage of the firm’s fee income each year as its seed capital.  In 2004, Steamboat launched its Summer Scholar Program by providing the first class of Steamboat Scholars with the opportunity to live and learn together, while experiencing internship experiences hosted by six Grant Partners. Since its inception, Steamboat has made grants to over 100 Steamboat Scholars and continues to evolve each year, bringing together more University and Grant Partners in New York and Boston.

From last Thursday’s reception attended by several Boston College and Steamboat Foundation alumni. In the photo, L to R, Gerry Randolph (BC ’10), Paul Pettas (BC ’11), Justin Murphy (BC ’09), Steamboat Foundation Executive Director Emily Ryan (BC ’05), Shannon Berube (BC ’12), Pete Malone (BC ’07), this summer’s BC Steamboat Scholar Tori McClemens (BC ’13), and Lou Gaglini of the Boston College Career Center.

Each year, a rising senior is nominated by a BC committee consisting of representatives from the undergraduate Faculty, the Department of Athletics, and the Career Center.

Tori is a rising senior, majoring in Economics and Marketing, who will intern this summer with the Giants in their Client Relations & Service Department.  You can Click Here to read more about this summer’s Steamboat Scholars.


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