Skype, Camera, Action! Career Conversation with BC Alumnus Andrew Miller of Digital Domain

Written by John Schettino

The film industry allures multitudes of hopeful directors, writers and editors but only the select few make the cut.  It’s a risky industry that demands ingenuity, creativity and originality.  The Hollywood Eagle club consists of twenty or so BC students, like myself, who aspire to make it in the film industry.  We recently met at the BC Career Center with BC alum Andrew Miller via Skype.  Andrew currently works for Digital Domain, a special effects company founded by James Cameron in 1993.  In recent years, Digital Domain has expanded and begun to produce independent films.

Andrew Miller outlined a three-step process for anyone hoping to tackle the film industry.  First and foremost, do your homework.  Pay homage to the film geniuses of the past and watch the classics.  If you want to contribute to the future of film, you must recognize the innovators that came before you.  Miller also stressed the importance of educating yourself about the entertainment industry as a whole.  Second, you need to intern somewhere and be the best of the best. Most aspiring filmmakers, like Miller, start off in a mail room sorting mail.  Although discouraging for students who paid a BC tuition, this step is a necessity.  You have to pay your dues at the bottom before you can ascend the ladder to cinema greatness. Finally, you must constantly hone your craft.  Create films as often as you can. The more you accomplish now, the more you can put on your resume. Obviously, “homemade” films can’t compete with professional films.  However, masterful directing, writing and editing can stand out and earn you some attention in the film community, regardless of technological limitations.

The film making industry can break your heart but it can also fulfill your wildest dreams.  Andrew Miller is living his dream but it didn’t happen overnight.  He worked hard and he followed the steps. And now, he is a part of the most exciting business in the world.


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