Career Conversations Fab Five Tips

Diana Morris, ’11 Communications/Pubic Relations Major

Diana currently works for the Colleges of the Fenway. Diana Morris is a full-time grad intern at the Global Education Opportunities (GEO) Center for the Colleges of the Fenway. These are Diana’s Fab Five Tips about Consulting and Higher Education as it relates to her position at GEO.

  1. It’s a great position because it allows me to see the behind-the-scenes/administrative aspect of the study abroad experience and has cemented that this is what I want to get a Master’s in (Higher Ed. Administration).
  2. When searching for jobs/internships, utilize Google and the Career Center website.
  3. Informational interviews with alumni are excellent. You can always send a friendly email and say, “I am interested in this field; how do you recommend I break into it?”
  4. As a student I wish that I would have taken an educational law course. That would have been helpful in my consulting and knowing the in’s and out’s of laws around study abroad opportunities
  5. My day-to-day schedule includes but is not limited to: Keeping track of the fairly new database, plan study abroad fair, organize pre- departure orientation, etc.


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