RealJobs: Djerica Lamousnery

This week at work has been very busy! On a cardiac surgery unit there are always peaks and lows. Some weeks are very busy while others are not. One thing that I didn’t realize in nursing school that I know now is how much time I would need to commit outside of work to truly understand what I do at work. During my orientation I was constantly learning and even though there was a structured course I still had so much more to learn on my own. I realized that nursing school doesn’t necessarily prepare you to work in any given specialty but it prepares you to learn and teaches you the foundations of critical thinking and nursing judgment. I think the most important thing that I have taken away from my experience at BC is knowing when to ask questions and when to use the knowledge that you already have.

Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by the intensity of my job.  Today I found out that there is a new product for cardiac surgery patients that need extra cardiac support before or after surgery. The product is so advanced and could truly redefine how to care for patients. There is constantly new technology and interventions for patients nowadays. A major part of my job is to learn about these technologies so I can effectively care for the patient and provide teaching.  This makes me so nervous because it’s just one more thing that I have to know about when I am still trying to understand the basics. But I know with time and hard work I will get more and more comfortable with the care that I provide.



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