RealJobs: Kevin Allocca

Had to cram in a bunch of stuff today before my flight back home.  It’s a pretty big day in the history of viral videos: the one year anniversary of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”  BuzzFeed wrote up a pretty great retrospective that I make a cameo in.  Also randomly got quoted in the New York Times today (sweet!).  This marks the most random doubleheader of publications one can possibly appear in.

I went around the office today before I hopped my plane and took some photos.  Here’s the lobby, where we always have cool videos on loop.

And this is the slide.  We’ve found that stairs decrease productivity and taking a slide saves each employee 6.4 minutes of second-to-first-floor commuting per week.  (Joking.)

All of our printers are named after rappers.  I had some collating issues with Method Man on Monday. (Not joking.)

This is where all the nerds play basketball.

We always have a lot of celebrities around the office.  Here’s me and Justin Bieber.
Thanks for reading this week.  Working at Google is pretty fun, but, as you’ve read, it’s also a bit hectic and, even though my week is over, I’ll still be checking my email and keeping tabs on things throughout the weekend.

If you ever visit the internet, feel free to look me up.  Google+, Twitter, Linkedin.

Best of luck!


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