RealJobs: Kevin Allocca

Normally, I spend a lot of my week meeting with people over video conference, since I have the weird situation of working in New York but overseeing a team that works in California.  So since I’m out west: more face-to-face meetings today while I’m in town.  We had our weekly team round-table where we coordinate what we’ll feature the next week for various holidays or events.  YouTube has a pretty huge Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ presence that we manage as well, so it’s important that everyone be on the same page.

I also squeezed in some time to help track Super Bowl commercials this week.  (Millions of people who go to YouTube after the big game to watch their favorite ads.  This year, we saw something pretty weird: all the most popular ones actually hit the web early.)

I spent several hours running around followed by reading/responding to one of 100 emails or answering chat messages: “Hey, Kevin, that live-stream from Fashion Week we’re featuring is broken.”  Sweet.

Somewhere in there today I saw a video of this dude proposing to his girlfriend in binary code.  People are weird.


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