RealJobs: Ellen Willemin

Thank goodness for days like this! The day started off with a bang as we were practicing comparatives and superlatives with the third graders. “Cristiano Ronaldo is the worst football (a.k.a. soccer) player in the world.” The Madrid fans booed and the Barcelona fans cheered. That one really got a rise out of them.

During my class with the lower-level fifth graders today, I sat next to one student who has had struggles to keep up in class since the beginning of the year. Well, something must have changed in the past couple of weeks, because he is now able to just about keep up with the rest of the class and, with some help, do class exercises correctly. Need I say how fulfilling it is to finally be able to communicate with a student who recently only communicated with confused looks?

I played a rematch of Jeopardy with my fifth graders last period, and this time, the girls won, but only by 400 points (the boys won by 2,000 last Thursday). All in all, it was a great day, and one filled with moments when you say, ‘Oh yeah, this is why I decided to go into this profession in the first place!’



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