RealJobs: Calvin Lai

Today was a writing day.  Each day for me involves some amount of writing, but today I was able to carve out most of the day to write content for our new website.  Some days the words flow freely.  Other days it’s like getting ketchup out of a bottle.  Today was probably somewhere in between.

Typically my initial themes and ideas are written in a notebook or on scraps of paper.  Once I start fleshing out those ideas, I usually jump on Microsoft Word and go through draft after draft after draft.  It’s a long process.  A lot of people dread this ordeal.  But I enjoy it thoroughly.  Call me sick.

Since freshmen year at BC, I always knew I wanted to write.  I credit the experience I had writing for The Heights newspaper for helping me to develop this passion.  The Heights is a great way to get good writing and publishing experience.  I remember spending late nights at the computer lab at O’Neill banging out album reviews for the music section.  I enjoyed putting words together and finding a rhythm for each piece.  And the discounted CDs (thanks BC!) didn’t hurt, either!

The rest of today was filled with production meetings, a pizza lunch for a teammate’s birthday, and me writing a nomination form for someone for The Doe Fund’s employee recognition program.  This quarterly award is given to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and dedication to our work.  I was happy to fill out a nomination for one of my teammates.  We’ll see if it works!

Alright, hopefully men’s hoops will take care of business on Sunday against Virginia Tech.  I’m still high off our win over #17 Florida State earlier this week!  GO EAGLES!  Thanks again for reading.


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