RealJobs: Justin Tease

For the past couple of days I’ve talked a little bit about myself and the industry and how I’ve navigated through my career.  My perspective, while hopefully insightful as a small slice of the industry and job profile, is obviously limiting.  So in order to help those of you who are following this thread, I thought I’d share a few links to some useful sites and aggregators.

  • Top Consultant Blog – I stumbled across this blog a while ago and have found it to be a useful source to triangulate or glean additional perspective on the field.  Take it with a grain of salt, but there are definitely some lessons to be learned.
  • The Vault  – Vault is a good source of information that follows the user review model.  Again, beware of the opinions shared as user review sites typically lean toward the negative, but again, it’s a data point.
  • Wetfeet – This site aims to provide a similar set of information as this RealJobs blog.  There are articles and summaries of key industries and tips and tricks.  And this one is fairly unbiased, a good read.
  • Consulting Magazine – If you’re interested in Consulting and/or are applying for a job in this space – read this publication.  It’ll provide you with current events (great fodder for  interview questions) .  Subscribe for free here!

And lastly, here are 2 views that serve as a neat and tidy Point – Counterpoint discussion.  Take a read and see where your opinions lie.

All in all, how you view the consulting field and the opportunities within can vary widely – as I’ve said before “It depends”.  Just ask these guys, they build their brand on it!


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