RealJobs: Ellen Willemin

Today just didn’t go so well. I had my most difficult class twice, first and last period. My third graders were being equally as rambunctious as Monday. I caught a fifth grader cutting into his desk with his scissors. (These pencil cases are more of a distraction than they’re worth–I vote for passing pencils out at the beginning of class and collecting them at the end). When I told him to give them to me, he wouldn’t, and needed to be disciplined later by the head teacher, who was out of the classroom at the time that this was happening. It was a Wednesday, and I asked myself, do kids do these silly things for the sole purpose of irritating their teachers?

After school, a bag of sweets, and two hours of private classes, I got home almost too exhausted to heat up chicken nuggets for dinner. Thankfully, tomorrow is Thursday, which means for me it’s Friday!

Hasta mañana!


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