RealJobs: Meghan Baldelli

Tuesday morning, I arrive a little bit late; I stayed up to watch the Bachelor’s latest antics, and as a result overslept in the morning. The excitement that a working day contains is sometimes just too much to bear, isn’t it? First order of the day, therefore, is coffee. Second order of the day—always, always, always check your email. Whatever hectic emergencies have arisen during the night need to be taken care of before settling into the new day’s work.

As applications for the Coro Fellows Program have just closed, my life is currently a little hectic. Every application for the program needs to be assembled, processed, and reviewed by several different people, and that coordination falls to me.

I keep a running list of “to-do’s” on my desk pad, crossing off the things that get accomplished and drawing circles around all of the things I have yet to get to (unfortunately, there is almost always at least one circle by the end of the day). First order of business on the list: recruitment debrief. I meet with the Fellows Program Director and we discuss our recruiting strategy for the past six months and how it went. We make a note of anything that went well, did not go well, and anything that was missing from this year’s recruiting schedule that should be included next year. We also have a small moment of silence for the Patriots’ Superbowl loss—as the only two native New Englanders in our St. Louis office, we need to show some support for our team.

Working with someone else on a big project like recruiting for a program can be quite a challenge. There is always the chance, when two or more people work together, that something can slip through the cracks. This process of sitting down together and honestly discussing what worked and what didn’t work is a big help for me. There is always an opportunity to do better—we just have to get there. I return to my desk, type up some notes on our debrief, and get going on some more tasks.

The fun part of my job is that in the course of a ‘program’, I do everything from create marketing materials to write thank you letters to plan program days and graduations to send out invoices. The challenging part is trying to constantly stay focused and on task when those tasks cover a wide variety of different job functions. Regardless, it certainly keeps me busy.

Women In Leadership started their program in January, and that class is all set—the program is good to go. So my next job is to create flyers and a marketing strategy for the next class, which will attract applications in the late summer. I work on these for a few hours, then take a break to discuss the selection of finalists for the Fellows Program with my director.

I also receive a few payments for the current Women In Leadership class’ tuition. By noon, I am slowing down considerably. My coworker and I walk down the street to grab another coffee—I never thought I would drink this much coffee as a functioning adult, but at times it is necessary. In fact, one of my biggest complaints about downtown St. Louis is that there is no Dunkin Donuts—it’s Starbucks or nothing. (One of the true tragedies in life.)

After lunch, I spend my afternoon on administrative duties for the upcoming Fellows finalist process. All finalist packets need to be created and assembled—a process that takes a while when it needs to be repeated dozens of times. By five pm, I am ready to head home for a good workout, a good dinner, and a good nap.


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