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Hello all,

I hope the next few entries that I’ll be posting will help to shed some light on what it means to enter the world of management consulting; especially through the recruiting process at BC.  I’m a double Eagle.  I graduated from A&S with a Computer Science degree in 2001 and returned to the Heights to pursue an MBA and graduated from CGSOM in 2009.  I’m a life-long consultant with all 9 years spent at Deloitte Consulting – which is rare, but in my mind is a testament to the collegiality of the firm (and I’m not just saying this to market the firm!).

I followed a fairly typical recruiting process as an undergrad.  Right at the beginning of senior year, I worked with the Boston College Career Center to refine my resume and to identify employment options based upon my academic background and personal interests. Consulting seemed to be a natural option as I wasn’t particularly clear with what I wanted to do once I left campus.  I applied to Deloitte Consulting, PWC, Accenture, and an internal IT program at AXA.  As it would turn out, I interviewed with Accenture first, and Deloitte second.  The Deloitte process was so quick, that I had an offer in hand before I was able to interview for the other options.  I was fortunate to be able to accept my Deloitte offer and cancel out of the process for the other firms, leaving me with a very attractive post-graduation plan in the October/November timeframe.  Given that this was before the 2001 economic crash, I was very fortunate, as I know that alums from 2002 weren’t quite as lucky.

My time at Deloitte has provided a broad set of experiences.  I am currently a Manager in Deloitte Consulting’s Technology practice, focusing on project delivery and technology integration within health plans. My project experience has afforded me the opportunity to lead a number of business and technology capability assessments, to participate in business process improvement projects for both front and back office operations, to lead the functional design of a number of online retail channels, and to collaborate with a variety of clients to define strategic IT planning and change management transformations.  In short, throughout my career at Deloitte I have been able to work with a number of the top insurers nationality to help them solve a variety of strategic and business issue through technology implementations.

In addition to my client responsibilities, I’m also involved in a number of internal Deloitte-focused activities.  I’ve found that Deloitte is different from many other corporate environments, in that there is a strong sense of involvement through the “extracurricular activities that my fellow practitioners and I support.  These activities can include undergraduate, graduate, and industry recruiting, whitepaper authoring, internal knowledge development, volunteer opportunity coordination, and many others.  Typically, I find myself involved in BC recruiting, so it’s likely that you may run into me on campus.  Deloitte has a set of predefined campuses that we recruit from and Boston college is one of our stronger undergraduate target schools – unfortunately, Deloitte does not officially target BC for post-graduate positions (but don’t worry, a few of us in the Boston office are working on that). Beyond recruiting, I’m also involved in our Business Technology Analyst Advisory Committee (BTAAC).  BTAAC is an internal, national group that focuses on developing the technology new-hire experience for incoming undergraduate students focusing on Recruiting, Project Assignment, Training and Career Development, Graduate School Preparation, and Community and Communications.  In the past year, I also participated in a internal effort to refresh our Deloitte Industry Print project accelerator.  Recently I was selected to participate in Deloitte’s Technology Next Up program, a fast-track leadership development program aimed to expedite the career path to partnership within Deloitte which has been an exciting change.

I hope this blog entry serves as an informative teaser for the entries that I’ll be posting over the next few days.  In the meantime, find Deloitte and I via the following Social Networking links:

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Thanks, Justin
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