Advertising/Marketing Career Conversation

Leah Goldenthal from Digitas Marketing Associates of Boston spoke at Career Conversations on November 9, 2011.

Leah is a Boston College graduate from the class of 2007, who majored in Marketing in the CSOM.
Tips from Leah that will serve you well when considering going into the field of Advertising and Marketing are:

1. Advertising is a great field because of it’s limitless things that you can do
2. When considering account management, which is what i do, consider that there is a lot of client facing. This is a big part of my day to day duties.
3. Your not expected to know anything specific when you’re hired, we will teach you everything that you need to know. You’ll pick up things along the way, but you have to sell yourself in the interview to even be picked
4. Some great advertising companies in Boston include: Toft, Digitas, Arnold, Hill Holiday and Mullen.
5. I would recommend taking a Marketing course before you graduate. It will help you will terminology within the field and also give you something to talk on and about during your interview.
6. Advertising agencies’ cultures are fantastic. My co-workers are my friends in the office and even on the weekends. It’s young, fun and exciting.
7. When interviewing PERSONALITY is huge. Think about how you answer every question, even when you do not know the answer, think about how you tell the interviewer that you do not know. “When I interview candidates, I first ask myself, Can i sit with this person for 12 hours everyday?
8. Tips for internships include: Who do you know? LinkedIn. and Marketing yourself your skills and your assets in your cover letters.

– Karly Francis, Graduate School of Social Work, 2012


One response to “Advertising/Marketing Career Conversation

  1. Hi, I was there but I forgot to get Leah’s email address. I had a follow up question I wanted to ask her. Do you have her email by any chance?

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