Advanced Study Grant

Your Dream; Our Money – BC Advanced Study Grant Program

  • Advanced Study Grants are awarded for imaginative, unusual, and yet feasible student-designed projects to be carried out during the summer. What do you want to learn? How will you learn it? Where in the world do you want to learn it? Awards for these summer projects have typically been in the range of $500 to $2,000.
  • Nominations open in January. You must be nominated by a faculty member in order to apply for an Advanced Study Grant, but instead of just hoping that you will be, ASK a faculty member to nominate you. Cultivating relationships with faculty members and others on campus will help you in many ways during your years at Boston College.
  • Applications will be available during the 2nd week in February for those who have been nominated.
  • Getting advice and guidance from faculty as you are formulating your proposal is wise.  The proposal must be your own, but faculty can give you reactions, help you refine your ideas, suggest resources, help you figure out a budget, and be useful to you in many ways.
  • Additional information:


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