Higher Ed Career Conversation

Monica Cohen, a Double Eagle with a BS in Human Development and Masters in Higher Education,  came back to the Heights to speak to students on Wednesday, October 5th.

In speaking with Monica she emphasized a few things about deciding to choose the career path of Higher Ed. and applying for graduate schools.

  • Find a campus that fits your own values and infuses your personal style.
  • When considering higher education, Reslife is a great way to connect with other offices on campus.
  • The Reslife motto is, “Move up or move out!”
  • Small schools allow you the flexibility and advantages to collaborate with other offices and positions
  • When searching for jobs in higher ed, higheredjobs.com is a great site.
  • Informational interviews are important, from going to get a cup of coffee, emailing someone back and forth because networking is important and everyone knows someone.
  • If you attend BC’s Higher Education Masters Program, it is important to travel outside the gates of BC and expand your professional development because each school functions differently.

-Karly Francis, Graduate School of Social Work, Class of 2012


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