Real Internships: Thelma Rodrigues

As one of my tasks during my internship, I was asked to write a press release about myself and my experience at Viewpoint Creative. Having never written a press release before, this proved to be a challenge for me. However, I was able to overcome several obstacles with the assistance of my mentors at Viewpoint Creative and turn this task into a valuable opportunity to learn and exercise my writing capabilities. This is the press release I wrote. I’m very proud of it and look forward to sending it out to various media publications.

Experiencing the Production and Advertising Industry First Hand With Viewpoint Creative
On June 1, 2011, Thelma Rodrigues began her first internship at Viewpoint Creative. Doe-eyed, but ready for a new experience, she dipped her toes into an industry she knew almost nothing about. Little did she realize she was in store for a crash course in advertising and production that would change her perspective on everything about the creative world.

 Almost immediately Thelma had to wise up and do it fast. She was pulled into meetings with clients and asked to take notes. The people around her were using advertising and production jargon that she had never heard before, but she kept her ears open and listened closely. She put her head down and wrote everything down meticulously, absorbing every bit of information that she could.
Early on, Thelma set goals for herself. If she was going to take notes, she would take the best, most organized notes anyone at this company had ever seen. If she was tasked with something, she would ask questions, and complete her task quickly and efficiently to the best of her ability. If she shadowed someone, she would listen to every single word and ask questions that proved she was focused and engaged. And the most daunting task of all, she would memorize the name of every person in the company and connect it to the face it belonged to in a week or less. Thelma was able to accomplish all of her early goals in due time, so she set to paying close attention to the type of work that Viewpoint Creative was doing.

Viewpoint Creative is creative services firm that has been setting a standard for dynamic and vibrant marketing and advertising for 22 years. From conception to completion, Viewpoint Creative delivers a high quality product. With an in-house team of creative directors, writers, designers, animators, editors and producers they never fail to provide one hundred percent satisfaction to the companies that they do work for. The clients in the Viewpoint Creative repertoire consist of; ABC, CBS, Discovery Networks, Disney, ESPN, HBO, HGTV, Reebok, and Staples.  With the combined effort and cooperation from their team and clients, Viewpoint Creative consistently produces a powerful product.

In this short time, Thelma has learned so much about the media industry, which she attributes to the unique nature of Viewpoint Creative being a hybrid of an advertising agency and a production company. She has been able to work directly under the producers and watch them in action on a day-to-day basis. She has also learned from members of the other departments including creative, editorial, audio, and design. Sitting in on many meetings has given her an idea what it is like to interact with clients, as well as witness how projects get managed from beginning to end. She has gained a new clearer and sharper perspective on both the creative process and the business aspect of production and advertising.
Now, when Thelma watches TV with friends and family she can proudly say, “I interned for the company that created that commercial.” Overall, Thelma says she has emerged from this internship with more knowledge and confidence in her ability to make it in this industry. She has been inspired by the amazing work done at Viewpoint Creative, and hopes to one day have a hand at something as equally as amazing. In an entry about her experience on the Boston College Career Center Blog, Thelma said, “it all has been a whirlwind experience and so much fun that I value every moment of it.”


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