Real Internships: Shixin Su

Last night, I dreamt that Yinyan could finally walk. I was in a classroom teaching and he was one of my students. He walked over to my desk after class to chat and he was smiling. In the dream, he had also grown up to four, five years old. In reality, Yinyan is one of the many children in the orphanage with cerebral palsy. He is only two years old (at most), and he lacks the very basic physical ability to sit on his own. Yinyan has a very weak body and it is as if he could not move without the support of another. He is also a sad baby, for he is always frowning and pouting. It was a very sweet dream that he was smiling, walking and chatting with me.

On my way to work this morning, I walked into a secondary school, with hope that I could find the principal and talk to him or her about a possible volunteering relationship between the orphanage and the school. The school was having some sort of ceremony this morning. When I walked into the staff office, I was not greeted by anyone. When I walked over to a staff at her desk, she responded with a horrible temper. She ignored me when I asked about the principal and for the principal’s phone number. It’s hard to describe how rude she was. I was so mad that before I walked out of the office without any help from her, I murmured, “What kind of service is this.”  I really think that schools and non-profit organizations should upgrade their staff quality. As for this person, I don’t think she should be working in a school environment where she can be a bad influence to students. I can see that she isn’t someone who likes to serve. Anyways, I’ve been thinking that perhaps some of the schools and colleges near the orphanage could set up clubs specifically aimed toward volunteering at the orphanage. Sadly, the two colleges, which are like a hundred steps away from the orphanage, are already on vacation, as well as the secondary school I visited this morning.

Besides the school staff incident, things went pretty well today at the orphanage. Wenhua laughed again. I also made Jianjiang laugh! Jianjiang is the 1-year-old chubby baby with the large, round, crossed eyes. I haven’t seen him smile in a while and he made my day today. Then, I went over to Ms. Hai’s classroom. She introduced me to Xinqiang—a soon-to-be third-year middle grader. My task starting tomorrow is to tutor him on his English. I heard from other teachers that he is naughty to the point that two tutors left him. I feel a bit nervous, but I’ll see…I also met Dong. I’ve heard from a social worker that he is a troubled child who has the hobby of taking other people’s belongings without asking, but his situation has improved recently. And there is Xiaomao—a shy child who’s been expelled from an elementary school. I hope to get to know these children and be friends with them. Before I leave here, I hope to bring as much positive influence to them as I can.



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