Resource Highlight: Entertainment Employment Journal

Hello again! It’s Intern Molly, back with another resource highlight. This week, we’re focusing on the Entertainment Employment Journal.

If you’re looking for a job in the entertainment field, look no further than this helpful database. Because this is such a specialized field, this website has a lot of extremely useful information on tailoring your job search and on what to expect when applying for a job therein.

Advice is offered on the site for how to handle union versus non-union positions, how your resume should be arranged, the best way to apply for a position, and even the likelihood of hearing back from someone. The website also includes an explanation of how production jobs are generally set up.

You can search the database by either job category or location, and there is also an option for searching for all positions available at a specific company.

In addition to all of that, the Entertainment Employment Journal also provides access to articles about working in the field. These articles are all interviews with a variety of people working in different areas of the entertainment industry, organized by medium. Lastly, there is a calendar of events for upcoming career fairs and film festivals, and links to a variety of other websites.

The Entertainment Employment Journal is an excellent gateway into the entertainment industry, and offers comprehensive information about the field. So, head on over, and look around! BC students access passwords through Eaglelink in the document library section.


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