Real Internships: Thelma Rodrigues

Every year, a select number of BC students completing internships at non-profit organizations receive a special stipend. This year, some of them will be blogging about that experience, following the example set by the Real Jobs series. Keep an eye on the blog, and over the next few weeks, you’ll see  a number of fascinating entries about what these students are experiencing.

First up: Thelma Rodrigues

My name is Thelma Rodrigues. I’m going to be a senior this fall at Boston College. I’m a communications major with a minor in women’s and gender studies. I also am one of the captains of the Boston College Women’s Rugby team and the new Director of AHANA issues for the GLBTQ Leadership Council.
Right now, I’m writing from my summer internship at Viewpoint Creative, which is an amazing production and advertising company based in Boston that provides “advertising solutions for entertainment and lifestyle brands.” I started interning here on June 1 and already I have learned so much about the media industry. During my time here I have sat in on meetings with clients, assisted producers with administrative work, helped organize wardrobe for a shoot, and witnessed the staff in action during different stages of the production process. It all has been a whirlwind experience and so much fun that I value every moment of it.
On a day-to-day basis my schedule is never the same. Almost every morning I get to the office (which is fairly new and very beautiful) at 9 am or earlier and settle in. I check my emails and while I wait for the producers, editors, management, and various graphic artists to arrive. I check the daily schedule and figure out what meetings are going on for the day. Then I write down a list of tasks that I already know I have to do and when everyone is settled in I walk around to check-in with the producers.
If the producers need help with something, that is my first priority. The things I help them with can range from something like double-checking lists with tape ID’s to shipping out the master copies of a finished product the client. The producers always need help because often they are juggling multiple projects at once. It is their responsibility to organize, manage, and deliver most aspects of job from the point of conception to delivery. They work very closely with the client, designers, artists, and editors to ensure a final product everyone is happy with can be produced. It is always interesting watching them in action and if I become a producer one day I hope to be as organized, levelheaded, and successful as them.
When I’m not working with the producers, I am helping the other members of the Viewpoint Creative staff. I’ve helped designers pick images and sat in as our audio engineer tweaked the voice over on a commercial. I’ve gotten to help the creative editors by taking script notes for a commercial shoot. I’ve even helped our accounting manager file paperwork and got some experience while filling in for our receptionist.
I can easily say I have gained a wide range of experience from being here already and I’m looking forward to learning more.

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