Real Internships: Jianan Shi

Hey guys!
My name is Jianan Shi and I am currently an intern at Bridge Over Troubled Waters located in Boston near the Park Street T-station. Bridge, which was started in the 1960s, is an empowerment center that targets homeless and at-risk youth (ages 18-24). Some of the services it provides to its clients are: daily outreach medical van, transitional day program, counseling, youth shelter, GED classes, workforce development, dental care and a transitional residential house, which is in Brighton.
I first started at Bridge as a volunteer through the PULSE program – if you guys haven’t done your philosophy and theology core requirements, I would highly recommend PULSE – it has deepened my perspective on society and individual responsibility. I worked on the medical van, residential house and GED center during the school year. I applied for the non-profit internship because I wanted to continue working at Bridge and do more than just volunteer. My original proposal only targeted GED graduates going to Bunker Hill but I soon realized that I could break my proposal into parts that can promote education in all the different sites at Bridge. My internship is centered on bringing education outside the box – many of these clients are at different points in their lives and have different educational needs. I like to call this: the “What is Next” philosophy. As the only education intern at Bridge, I am working at the day center, GED/work force development program, medical van and transitional house with the purpose of developing permanent educational programs that will empower the clients to their next steps towards success. More to come about my specific projects in the next entry!

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