Resource Highlight: Spotlight on Careers

Hello everyone! I am Molly Lebel, Summer Intern here at the Career Resource Library. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to highlight a few of the amazing resources I have come across, all available through the Career Center, both on the website itself and elsewhere online.

First up – Spotlight on Careers

Spotlight on Careers offers some major guidance if you’re not sure what field you want to enter once you graduate. There is a vast amount of information here. For each field, there is a basic overview to give you a general idea of what you can expect going into it, and then a plethora of more specific information. Some of the highlights include:

  • A list of the types of jobs that fall under each broad field, as well as employers who work in those fields. It is always good to know who the most influential companies are in any field.
  • Links to information about current trends in the field. Having an idea of the direction a field is heading toward can help you to choose the classes and other learning opportunities that will best serve you in the future.
  • Links to websites with internship and professional job listings. Often, specialized job search websites are more helpful than the larger general job search sites.
  • Profiles of people working in the field. Here is an opportunity to learn what it is really like to work in the field, both good and bad, as well as some recommendations for what you can do now to best position yourself in the direction you want to be heading.

Spotlight on Careers is open to the BC community, on campus only. So take some time & look around the website. You may be surprised by what you learn!

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