RealJobs: Will Nunziata

Another pitch-perfect morning for a nice workout/run down Worth Avenue.  Afterwards, I had a light breakfast by the pool, and caught up on some emails and Facebook.  In reading all these posts I have done so far, I think I need to preface them by saying that this kind of week is as relaxing as it gets!  LOL– my days aren’t ALWAYS spent in Palm Beach, FL relaxing by a pool until a 8pm show!  I WISH!  With that said, I do have to admit that today was an uneventful day, mainly filled with lounging around, warming up, and show time.  No complaints, though!  After the show, it was “Motown Night” at The Colony, and the restaurant/bar was hopping with a Motown band and what seemed to be all of the residents of West Palm Beach!  The Cosmos and Rasberry Mojitos are two of the best drinks I have EVER had… and I could only have one of each because I still have one more show tomorrow!  I spent the last hour of the night relaxing by the pool.


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